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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions at our practice are primarily simple procedures designed to remove teeth safely and effectively, with minimal discomfort. While our Largo, FL, dentist does specialize in straightforward extractions, we do also provide referrals to trusted specialists for complex cases such as wisdom teeth or surgical extractions. Our approach ensures that every patient receives the appropriate care for their specific situation, focusing on comfort and optimal dental health outcomes.

Learn more about tooth removal below.

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Tooth Extractions Dentist Largo Fl

Why Tooth Extraction Is Sometimes Best

While the preservation of natural teeth is always a priority, there are circumstances where tooth extraction is the best option. Removing a tooth can help prevent more serious problems when it’s beyond repair, whether from trauma, decay, or disease. Having problematic teeth out of the way can then allow your smile to heal and avoid additional complications down the road.

Instances Where You Require Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may become necessary under various conditions, which include:

  • Severe Decay: When a tooth is extensively decayed, removing it may be the only way to prevent the spread of decay and protect surrounding teeth.
  • Periodontal Disease:Advanced gum disease can cause the loosening of teeth, making extraction necessary if the tooth is no longer supported adequately by the surrounding bone.
  • Infection: If tooth decay or damage extends to the pulp — the center of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels — bacteria in the mouth can enter and cause an infection. Sometimes this can be corrected with root canal therapy, but if the infection is severe or recurrent, extraction may be required to prevent its spread.
  • Risk of Infection: In some cases, teeth may be extracted as a preventive measure if they are at high risk of infection, such as in the case of an immune system compromised due to chemotherapy or an organ transplant.

Speak With Dr. Piper About Your Smile

If you are experiencing pain, have suffered dental trauma, or have been advised to consider tooth extraction, speak with our dentist in Largo, FL. We can evaluate your situation with a comprehensive exam and discuss whether extraction is the right option for you or if an alternative treatment can be pursued. Call or text David W. Piper, DMD Family Dentistry today at (727) 548-7100 to request an appointment.