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Clear Aligners

CandidPro clear aligners from our Largo, FL, cosmetic dentist offer a discreet and effective solution for correcting misaligned teeth. Unlike traditional braces, these transparent, custom-fitted trays are nearly invisible and can be removed for eating and brushing. They gradually shift teeth into alignment through a series of progressive adjustments, making them a popular choice for both adults and teens seeking a less noticeable orthodontic treatment option.

Here’s what you need to know about clear aligners.

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How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Many patients are surprised to learn that clear aligners and more traditional braces aren’t that different. While they vary the most in terms of appearance, the concept is the same: teeth and bite correction. 

Braces do this through brackets, wires, and elastic bands. Controlled force or pressure is applied onto teeth using these elements and each tooth is moved into position over time. CandidPro clear aligners do the same but with thin top and bottom trays worn for a few weeks per set. No metal components are used whatsoever. 

You’ll need to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day until your treatment is complete. Not sticking to the rules might seem fine in the moment, but can actually delay your overall progress and may result in additional corrections needing to be made.

Length of Time It Takes to See Results

Though it can take time to see more dramatic results and everyone is different, most patients will notice some tooth movement almost immediately after they start to wear CandidPro aligners. If you have a less severe crowding problem or your teeth are only mildly crooked, it can take as little as 4 months to achieve desired alignment. About 70%, however, complete treatment within 8.5 months.

Treatment With Candid Aligners

Much like with other forms of orthodontic treatment, successful results depend on your commitment. As mentioned above, you will need to wear your clear aligners for 22 hours a day and only take them out for eating, drinking beverages other than water, brushing, and flossing teeth. 

Approximately every 2 weeks, you’ll switch to the next aligner set in your series unless you’re told otherwise by Dr. Piper. In-person checkup appointments at our Largo, FL, dental office aren’t regimented or rigid when you choose Candid. Instead, we’ll monitor your progress remotely through the CandidMonitoring™ mobile app. 

Treatment as a whole will take 4-12 months on average though every patient is different. The final set of aligners that you receive will become your retainers. They will help keep your teeth in place and maintain your new smile.

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