Women’s Health Month: Oral Health Is Women’s Health, Too

May is Women’s Health Month, and it’s a time to recognize that women may have unique oral health needs. Women may be more susceptible to significant health problems stemming from poor oral health, and different health needs surface throughout the various stages of a woman’s life. 

How a Woman’s Oral Health Changes at Various Stages of Life

Although women tend to visit the dentist more often than men, according to Statista, they are more likely to have a sudden oral health issue. As hormones change throughout their lives, oral health issues may arise. 


Girls begin puberty between the ages of 8 and 14, with one of the most significant changes being with their hormones. These hormone changes affect their emotions and mood and influence their oral health. 

Estrogen and progesterone levels cause more blood flow to the mouth, especially the gums. As a result, many girls have red, swollen gums that may bleed during daily brushing. 


After having their first period, a woman’s hormones continue to rise and fall throughout their menstrual cycle. Many women are shocked to learn that this can affect their oral health. Some experience puffy gums that bleed before their period, while others may develop cold sores or ulcers. 

These symptoms often disappear after starting their period. Changing hormones also contribute to dry mouth, which can cause decay and bad breath. 


The last inevitable change women experience is menopause. Many changes associated with menopause are well known, like hot flashes. But how it affects a woman’s oral health is often overlooked. Oral changes may include red and inflamed gums, bone loss in the jaw, altered taste, and dry mouth. 

Maintain Your Oral Health, No Matter What Stage of Life You’re In

Dr. David Piper, DMD, is here to help everyone get the oral health care they need, regardless of their body’s changes — call (727) 548-7100 to schedule your appointment


I've been a patient of Dr. Piper's for the last 19 years so it's very obvious that I've been a very very satisfied patient. I had an excellent full check-up today with x-rays and everything was perfect. Perfect because I've been going consistently and following their experts on dental care, cleaning and good health! Bravo 👏 👏 👏
Deborah M.

Dr. Piper and staff are always very professional, I have been a patient for over 15 years, and happy about it. Just got my teeth cleaned and checked recently, Sandra is friendly and thorough, and the office felt very clean which is important.
Tom T.

Staff were fast and attentive, didn't wait long before I saw Dr. Piper. The office is clean and organized. Was a great decision to use this practice and will be visiting again. Not a single issue. Cannot recommend enough.
Ted M.

Thank you Sandra, for my teeth cleaning....I had a great experience, I do love getting my teeth cleaned! Piper Family Dentistry rocks...😁.
Deborah W.
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