New Year, New Smile — Veneers and Other Cosmetic Procedures

As the new year rolls in, many people are taking a moment to consider how they might improve themselves. Revamping your smile is one option that could be more accessible than you think, with a wide range of straightforward cosmetic procedures available.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are one of the most widely used cosmetic treatments. With this treatment, you can restore a discolored, chipped, cracked, misshapen, or gapped tooth to perfect your smile.

This simple treatment involves creating a custom porcelain veneer for your teeth, a thin layer that will go over its front-facing side after a minimal layer of enamel is removed. The veneer is custom-made to provide the perfect shape and shade for your unique smile. A long-lasting option, veneers can give you a beautiful smile for years to come.

Teeth Whitening

Looking for a fast way to boost your smile this new year? In-office teeth whitening can leave your teeth noticeably whiter in just one 90-minute visit. We also offer professional, prescription at-home whitening kits.

Dental Bonding

Have you noticed chips, cracks, or oddly shaped teeth? Dental bonding can repair these issues quickly and easily. Dental composite resin is carefully molded to the appropriate shape and cured using a UV light to provide lasting strength. Bonding looks natural and can help protect your teeth from further harm.

Clear Aligners

Not happy with how straight your smile is? Invisalign clear aligners can help resolve a wide range of orthodontic issues. You can enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing smile while also helping safeguard your long-term oral health.

Discover How You Can Revamp Your Smile

If you’re not satisfied with your smile or are interested in a specific cosmetic treatment in Largo, Florida, David W. Piper, DMD, can help you determine the best treatment options to revamp your unique smile. Book your appointment at (727) 548-7100 today.


I've been a patient of Dr. Piper's for the last 19 years so it's very obvious that I've been a very very satisfied patient. I had an excellent full check-up today with x-rays and everything was perfect. Perfect because I've been going consistently and following their experts on dental care, cleaning and good health! Bravo 👏 👏 👏
Deborah M.

Dr. Piper and staff are always very professional, I have been a patient for over 15 years, and happy about it. Just got my teeth cleaned and checked recently, Sandra is friendly and thorough, and the office felt very clean which is important.
Tom T.

Staff were fast and attentive, didn't wait long before I saw Dr. Piper. The office is clean and organized. Was a great decision to use this practice and will be visiting again. Not a single issue. Cannot recommend enough.
Ted M.

Thank you Sandra, for my teeth cleaning....I had a great experience, I do love getting my teeth cleaned! Piper Family Dentistry rocks...😁.
Deborah W.
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