Using your new dental appliance is a very important part of your dental treatment and prevention of dental problems.
Some people struggle for a few weeks to feel comfortable wearing it consistently. This is normal so don’t give up!

Each night, after brushing and flossing your teeth, you should wear the appliance while you sleep. Only drink water
while it is in your mouth. At first it may feel bulky and you may have difficulty sleeping. You may also experience an
increase in saliva production for a few weeks. Eventually you will get used to having it in your mouth.

In the morning, brush the inside and outside of it with a toothbrush and water or toothpaste. You may also use overthe- counter cleansers and tablets. Place the appliance in an appliance case to protect it. Be aware that pets are
notorious for chewing these appliances and can even open the case!

Over time the appliance can discolor and build up tartar and calculus just like your teeth do. Bring it with you to all
dental visits so that we may inspect it and clean it in our cleaner.

If you experience an increase in jaw discomfort, headaches, or find that the appliance binds or pinches please do not
hesitate to see us for an adjustment. It is normal for your appliance to feel tight at first but it shouldn’t hurt. Also, your
“bite” may feel “off” for several minutes after wearing it all night.

While the nightguard does protect your teeth from grinding and clenching it is also a reminder to keep your teeth
separated during the day and to avoid clenching and/or biting the insides of your mouth. The retainers are the only way
to maintain the position of your teeth and prevent shifting.

Your comfort and good health are our priority. Please inform our office if your new appliance needs and adjustment.

Sleep well!