Denture FAQs

If you are wondering about dentures being the next step in your dental journey you probably have many questions. There are a lot of misconceptions about dentures out there, so only trust verified and reputable information from a licensed dentist when making a decision about dentures. Dr. David W. Piper at Piper Family Dentistry is a great choice for all your denture needs. Use this list of the most frequently asked questions about dentures to help guide the conversation and ensure all your questions are answered:

  • Do I need dentures?

You may be recommended to consider dentures for a variety of reasons including:

    • Frequent, unresolved tooth pain
    • Chronic red, swollen, or bleeding gums
    • Problems eating certain foods
    • Already missing multiple teeth
    • Loss of bone surrounding existing teeth


  • What kinds of dentures are available?

Dentures may be complete, meaning they replace all or most of the natural teeth and rest on the gums covering the jawbone. On the other hand, partial dentures only replace some of the natural teeth and hold onto the remaining teeth for support. Both complete and partial dentures may be attached to dental implants for added stability.

  • How much do dentures cost?

The cost of dentures varies based on each individual’s specific circumstances. Insurance coverage usually helps offset some of the fee. After a full assessment of your oral condition including diagnostic imaging, our team of experts will help you find a solution that is right for you and your budget. 

  • Do dentures hurt?

It should not be painful to be fitted for dentures. However, you may experience minor irritation on your gums as you get used to the dentures being in your mouth. If you had extractions or other dental work around the same time you were fitted for dentures, those areas may be uncomfortable until healed. You should visit your dentist office regularly for adjustments to improve the fit and reduce irritation.

  • Will my dentures match my remaining teeth?

Dentists and dental lab technicians do a great job at color-matching partial dentures to the surrounding natural teeth. We work with you to select a color that is acceptable before the denture fabrication is completed.

  • Do I have to use a denture adhesive?

Not everyone feels the need to use denture adhesive while wearing dentures. If your dentures fit quite well, you may not need paste. However, when first learning to eat with your dentures, especially with hard or sticky foods, a little adhesive can be helpful.

  • How do I take care of my dentures?

You should brush and rinse your dentures after meals and before bed with a denture brush and an approved denture cleansing solution. Never use regular toothpaste on your dentures. You should also remove your dentures while sleeping and store them overnight in a denture-approved cleaning solution. You should never attempt to whiten or bleach your dentures.

  • Do dentures require any maintenance?

Dentures wear down over time. If your dentures don’t seem to fit like they used to, you may want to consider a reline. Relining adjusts the base of the dentures so they fit better to your gums. Relining is not appropriate for all dentures, so talk to us about your options.

  • What should I do if my dentures break?

If your dentures crack or break do not attempt to repair the dentures yourself. Repairing dentures without the correct tools and skills can lead to a poor fit, sore spots on the gums, and damage to other teeth and jaw joints.

If you are considering dentures trust Dr. Piper and his team at Piper Family Dentistry to provide you with the best looking and best-fitting dentures possible. We are with you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to the final adjustment. Call (727) 548-7100 or visit to schedule an appointment, and find out why we’re one of Tampa’s 2020 Dentists of the Year!


I've been a patient of Dr. Piper's for the last 19 years so it's very obvious that I've been a very very satisfied patient. I had an excellent full check-up today with x-rays and everything was perfect. Perfect because I've been going consistently and following their experts on dental care, cleaning and good health! Bravo 👏 👏 👏
Deborah M.

Dr. Piper and staff are always very professional, I have been a patient for over 15 years, and happy about it. Just got my teeth cleaned and checked recently, Sandra is friendly and thorough, and the office felt very clean which is important.
Tom T.

Staff were fast and attentive, didn't wait long before I saw Dr. Piper. The office is clean and organized. Was a great decision to use this practice and will be visiting again. Not a single issue. Cannot recommend enough.
Ted M.

Thank you Sandra, for my teeth cleaning....I had a great experience, I do love getting my teeth cleaned! Piper Family Dentistry rocks...😁.
Deborah W.
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