6 Teeth Whitening Facts

Professional teeth whitening services are a standard dental procedure to improve your smile. If you’re thinking about teeth whitening, here are a few key facts to know before your visit:

1. Lighter Teeth Are More Attractive Teeth

Scientific evidence shows that having lighter teeth makes you more attractive to others. A simple trip to the dentist could make a big difference in your outward appearance and boost your confidence, too!

2. Coffee and Wine Stain Your Teeth

Bad news, coffee drinkers: your teeth have pores that can absorb the color of food and beverages. Coffee, wine, and berries are some common offenders of yellow teeth. Sadly, a simple brushing alone won’t make this discoloration go away.

3. Professional Whitening Doesn’t Harm Your Teeth

Many people believe that professional teeth whitening can damage their teeth somehow. Thankfully, this is a myth. 

Professional whitening temporarily opens the pores in your teeth, which remineralize naturally. Teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure to brighten your smile.

4. There’s More Than One Option Available

Professional teeth whitening comes in many forms. A common choice is same-day whitening, which happens in the dentist’s chair and only takes about an hour and a half. 

Your dentist can also create a custom mold of your teeth for you to wear at home with a whitening solution, which is an easy way to keep your smile looking its best.

5. A Little Sensitivity Is Normal

Many people are surprised to find their teeth feeling extra sensitive after a whitening treatment. However, there is no need to fear! This is a typical side effect and doesn’t indicate anything has gone wrong. The temporary sensitivity disappears after the whitening period ends.

If the increased sensitivity is bothersome, try switching to a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth and ask us about other solutions.

6. Whitening Toothpaste Doesn’t Work as Well as Advertised

Several companies offer toothpaste that can whiten your teeth. Unfortunately, these over-the-counter products only remove surface stains and don’t lighten the shade of the tooth itself. An effective tooth whitening system will penetrate through the enamel to whiten from the inside out. Generally, this requires a prescription product from a dental office.

For a whitening solution that lasts, consider a professional teeth whitening procedure.

Dreaming of Whiter Teeth? 

Piper Family Dental has years of experience providing professional teeth whitening services. Call our trained dental professionals at (727) 548-7100 today to schedule an appointment and explore which whitening service will work best for you!


I've been a patient of Dr. Piper's for the last 19 years so it's very obvious that I've been a very very satisfied patient. I had an excellent full check-up today with x-rays and everything was perfect. Perfect because I've been going consistently and following their experts on dental care, cleaning and good health! Bravo 👏 👏 👏
Deborah M.

Dr. Piper and staff are always very professional, I have been a patient for over 15 years, and happy about it. Just got my teeth cleaned and checked recently, Sandra is friendly and thorough, and the office felt very clean which is important.
Tom T.

Staff were fast and attentive, didn't wait long before I saw Dr. Piper. The office is clean and organized. Was a great decision to use this practice and will be visiting again. Not a single issue. Cannot recommend enough.
Ted M.

Thank you Sandra, for my teeth cleaning....I had a great experience, I do love getting my teeth cleaned! Piper Family Dentistry rocks...😁.
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